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Yesterday you said you rarely hear of the successful stories, well, I’m putting it in writing.

After about half an hour fighting with the manifold and the eight grids, the pool was up and running at 12 lb. psi with the clarifier. The water clarity was like looking at a glass of milk. I was able to vacuum he shallow end 4 hours later. We let it run all night and that was the first think I look at this morning. Still running at 12 lb. psi and water clear enough to see a dime in 8.5 feet of water in the deep end. Had only 2 full scoops of leaves and about one hour of vacuuming this morning. It will need to be brushed as it is a Grecian with steps and that’s too many places my vacuum misses. The next step is to get everything balanced, but as of right now it is not too far off.

Many thanks to you and your advice yesterday. As I said, I think I have found a dealer that I’m more than glad to work with.

Thanks again and see you soon, Sue

PS. Ron is getting ready to get in the pool!

"Jessica Giorgetti Scott"

The first in-ground pool of the season for Levesque Pools! These guys are amazingly hard working, knowledgable and simply awesome! Making a big splash this weekend!!! Thank you, Tom!

"Shirley Benson"

Once again I want to compliment Levesque Pools for the great job they did in helping me to maintain a sparkling clean pool all summer long. I have a very inexpensive box store pool, but that doesn't stop them from giving me the best care around! We love our pool and it is still sparkling as we take it down!!!! See you again in the spring, have a great winter at Levesque Pools!!!!!

"Iran Cohen"

So, about a year ago I bough a house that wonderfully came with an ingrained 18'X36' pool. Little did I know what pools truly entailed. They require a lot of maintenance and work; especially chemicals. I immediately took my business to the nearest pool store, Levesque Pools. I had my speculations as to what I would see when I walked in. Just like a car dealership, money hungry sales person, don't care what you want, etc. You get the point. It was the exact opposite! I walked in and met Tom "DR. Splash" so they call him. Very knowledgeable, friendly, and he wasn't pushy like a typical salesperson. Tom immediately explained what I needed to do to get going and what to do to get in my pool as soon as possible. Let's face it; who wants to wait to get into their pool when they have one? Not this guy! All the way from the chemicals to the emergency "Oh Crap" call he received from me later on in the year that my liner had split and needed a patch. He immediately had me come in and set me up with some vinyl and glue to fix the issue. Any time I have had a question, and I have a lot of them, Tom would immediately call me back to offer the best advice and how to fix it. He would find a way to work within my budget, keeping in mind long term investments as well as immediate responsibilities. At Levesque Pools, they clearly "Make a Big Splash"!

"Mark & Laurie McCutcheon"

Hello, this is a review of Levesque Pools service and the Radiant Pool line they carry. I'm not one to write reviews,I expect products to be made right and installation to be perfect. I have had the pool for almost two years now, so here it is. First, the Keystone Radiant Pool. For a semi above ground pool this thing is SOLID. It thinks its an in-ground pool. Their claim of thermal insulated walls increasing the water temperature is true. I sold my solar cover because the pool stays so warm.

Now, lets move to Levesque Pools. I can't say enough good things about them. When you go into the store Tom makes you feel like a long lost friend whether you are buying a $20,000 pool or a $10 inflatable pool toy. During the whole pool buying and installation process, Tom was in constant communication with us. People actually mistake him as the owner because he cares so much about the business. But, the owner would be Dan. Dan came out to our house twice for site visits before he would recommend the proper pool for our sloping yard. When the pool was installed it wasn't by a sub contracted outfit. Dan was on site with his crew everyday and he installed the pool as if it was his own, never skimping on material or taking short cuts. When he is done it's done right, I knew when he was done it was going to stand up to Maine's harsh winters and crazy summer pool parties for years to come.

Levesque Pools does "Make a Big Splash", but first you have to take the Plunge. Go see them, you'll be glad you did!